Hi, I'm Peter

I am a highly skilled Ruby specialist and problem finder with a strong background in TypeScript, and I enjoy collaborating on projects utilizing Kubernetes. Currently, I am broadening my expertise by delving into the fascinating world of React Native and Elixir.

I have a passion for crafting high quality code, and I'm delighted to showcase a selection of my work on Github. At the moment, I am embracing the dynamic role of a freelance software engineer. Prior to this, I spent five challenging years as the CTO of store2be in the inspiring city of Berlin.

Please don't hesitate to connect with me on LinkedIn if you'd like to discuss potential project collaborations. I'm always open to new opportunities and engaging conversations.

Blog posts

23 Apr 2023

Streak calculation in PostgreSQL

  • postgresql
21 Apr 2023

Database logs in Ruby on Rails RSpec tests

  • rails
  • rspec
  • database
  • logs
20 Apr 2023

Use GraphQL fragments for better types

  • typescript
  • graphql
  • fragments
16 Apr 2023

TypeScript enums instead of 3-state booleans

  • typescript
  • enums
  • react
31 Mar 2023

Documenting your projects with a Justfile

  • documentation
  • just
26 Mar 2023

Simple and long vs complex and short functions

  • coding style
22 Mar 2023

Git jump in Neovim with Telescope

  • git
  • neovim
  • telescope
14 Mar 2023

Inject Rails encrypted credentials in CI/CD for public repositories

  • rails
  • ci/cd
  • environment variables
16 Jan 2023

RSpec GraphQL integration testing

  • ruby
  • rspec
  • graphql
22 Aug 2022

Garmin Connect IQ development - Getting started

  • garmin
01 Jul 2022

Space Jumper

  • game
  • project